Contingency Theory Essay

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Contingency theories put forth the idea that the success of a leader hinges on the specific situation at hand. A situation can be proven effective based on the leader or the leadership style attached. The factors that would determine this would include the task, the personality of the leader and the composition of the group that is meant to be led. Its basic assumption is that leadership-success or failure – is situational. There are a number of sub-theories that fall under the general contingency umbrella. Specific mention may be made of three such theories; Fielder’s contingency theory, situational leadership and Path- Goal theory.

The Fielder contingency theory suggests that there must be a strong leader- member relationship. A leader
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Having a leader that listens to his subordinates gives them hope and motivation to strive for greatness. It may not be the best idea that is given first but the idea would still promote growth on becoming a better team player and also help in their quest of maybe becoming a leader themselves.

Path-Goal theory self explains that leaders influence their subordinates to achieve the goals they already have set. They help them to become better versions of themselves and help them to create stepping stones for the future. This in turn would lead the personal and organizational rewards.

Good leaders are often identified by their leadership traits. Some leadership traits that may be seen are emotional stability, dominance, enthusiasm and conscientiousness. Transformational leadership speaks to the focus of creating a better tomorrow for the organization and its members. A transformational leader promotes a vision and inspires employees to aim for this vision and develop creative ideas. They are enthusiastic individuals are usually seen as active, expressive and energetic. They are often optimistic and open to change with a quick and alert mind set. Transformational leaders in today’s society are better for the organization because in maintaining a business for the long term, leaders need to focus on the overall growth of originality and
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