Bill Gates Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of Leader Language In my point of view, I found Bill Gates as the most promising leader throughout the globe. Bill Gates was the youngest, wealthiest CEO of all time, but this success was not only achieved by luck. His inspiring charming personality and effective communication skills made him the real “BILL GATES”. One of his talks on the teacher’s feedback is much of an importance. The name of the presentation is “Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback” and the target audience is teachers as well as general public. The main purpose of the presentation was to deliver the importance of feedback that should be given to the teachers on their performances. The way Bill Gates elaborated the importance was very effective and …show more content…

The sentence structure was medium where slow learners or fast learner both can understand and grasp the topic. No complex sentences were said by him. While describing the scenario, he used long sentences. But most of the time he made everything short, and explained it to the audience. Many transformational leaders like Bill Gates have special abilities in their leadership styles. First of all, they build trust and attainability to achieve their goal with an extraordinary unshakable self-confidence, strength, personal life experiences and sacrifices they made. Bill Gates is blessed with the best unconventional tactics and behaviors. With the quality of the best vision and values, Bill Gates is perceived to have unusual managing career. As said earlier, the charismatic personality of Bill Gates attracts the followers and the audience to listen to him carefully. In the presentation, his overall appearance was a formal one. He wore a formal coat with a decent blue color. Though, his pants were not of the same color but still matched the personality. The combination of light blue shirt and dark blue coat appealed the audience, at least me. His formal yet trendy glasses were also a plus

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