Richard Branson: A Transformational Leadership Theory

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Introduction The focus of this written paper is to introduce a successful business person in the world and analyze the person's unique events or stories with an appropriate organizational behavior theory. We would like to explain in detail with applications and discussions of how the chosen leader has demonstrated the critical criteria of a certain theory. Richard Branson, who is the founder of the Virgin Limited is seen by us as a famous leader in the business sector. His open-minded leadership style has fully demonstrated the transformational leadership theory. Bernard Bass (1985) stated that transformational leaders care about the development of followers, improve the organization through inspiration and stimulation and engage in the betterment …show more content…

Richard Branson has one said, "Do not lead sheep, herd cats". His wordings revealed that he encourages his followers to expose their own creativity instead of following straightly to the company rules established. In many ways, Branson inspires his followers rather than coercing them through his behavior and thoughts (Dearlove, 2007). Branson has opened up the Virgin Atlantic Airways in the 1980s . If it is not of his innovate ideas of expanding his company in the air field, the Virgin Atlantic Airways would not have been operated . Being an open-minded person who applies innovation on himself and tries to influence his employees to be creative, the leadership style of Branson has utilized his workers' talent and contribute good will to the organization (Messina, 2006). Branson gives them freedom to be creative and workers attain outstanding results in return. The following example is consistent with the thoughts of Messina. Simon Draper is Branson's South African cousin, and more than that, he is a famous representative of the Virgin record. This is all because of Branson's unbounded guidelines to him. Draper has incorporate elements of latest fashion and trend by using successful figures like Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream and Culture

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