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Starting your own small business and making it a worldwide company, is not easy at it sounds. This is known as entrepreneurship. There are lots of personals that we can take as entrepreneurs who have achieved their targets and have conquered the world. Among the world’s best entrepreneurs Bill Gates holds a noble title. Some critics may see him as a modern day robber but to the majority of the world he is a great inventor, a great programmer, and an ambitious businessmen. He was able to establish his company and convert it from a two man operation to a multibillion dollar company within 25 years.
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His business mind and his passion of programming lead him to invent new things and for brainstorming ideas which changed his life as well as the computering world. Bill Gates life took a dramatic change when a new student was enrolled to his school. He was the son of a senior programmer in Computer Centre Corporation. (CCC) Gates and his friends were giver the opportunity to figure out the problems and defects in the CCC system security, because this company was suffering a big financial loss due to hackers. Gates didn’t think twice before agreeing to their deal because this opportunity lead him and his friends to have endless time to carry on their programming experiments which they didn’t get from the school. This was the beginning of the bond between CCC and Bill Gates. Since that day Bill Gates worked for the CCC. HE created software for CCC hand in hand with Paul Allen. In 1971 they created a software of a payroll sheet. Gates sold a software to reduce traffic when he was 15 years old to the value of $20,000. Even though Bill Gates got admission to Harvard University, he was never keen on following that path. He was only interested in establishing his own software company with Paul Allen. His plan became successful when …show more content…

He is passionate person and his story his great advice for all others. That is why I chose Bill Gates as the person to analyze on the topic of “A well-known Entrepreneur”. The things I learned through this assessment is really valuable. As I looked through the Life and journey of Bill Gates I learned that you should never give up on your dreams, not even when you are fed up and you are tired. That last moment when you feel the urge to give up is the moment that you should push yourself and try more harder in order to achieve your dreams. Bill Gates had a dream of developing Software since his childhood. But he didn’t have resources at that time. I would have given up on my dreams. But Bill Gates was a different kind of a person. He didn’t give up when he didn’t have resources to produce an operating system for IBM. However, he found a way and he was able to produce a operating system for IBM Company. That was the key turning point in his life. If he had given up on his dreams there would have not been Windows for us to use today. As Bill Gates says “ Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people and thinking they can’t lose”. Learn from this great character take notes in to your life and make way to achieving goals in your life and to making success a part of your life in order to make it

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