Steve Jobs Leadership Style

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Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. is the leader about whom, the current assignment will be based upon. Jobs depicted the execution of an autocratic leadership style in his initial years but changed to transformational leadership style later. Allio (2010) criticized the autocratic leadership style of Jobs for being arrogant and egoistic. It is thus analyzed from the study that the perceptions of the followers regarding the leader matters considerably for a leader to become a role model. However, Hurley-Hanson, and Giannantonio (2013) highlighted the effective persuasive leadership style of Steve Jobs through his initiative of discussing the vision and strategic plans for NeXT with his employees. Jobs was able to obtain an investment of $20 million from the business leader Ross Perot after the airing of this program. Analysis of the leadership style of Steve Jobs revealed the role of skill and talent developer played by him for his employees. It is evident through his statement “Look at the results” on being asked about his tendency of showing rudeness towards his employees (Isaacson, 2012). It could be assessed that Jobs depicted a transformational leadership style through his initiatives of creating a vision, guiding his followers to achieve it through effective inspiration thereby leading to a change in the individuals and the social systems as well. These are the basic traits of a transformational leader (Warrick, 2011). The feeling of achievement through the delivery

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