Tim Cook Leadership Style Analysis

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Introduction The Present CEO of Apple after Steve Jobe, Tim Cook is a great American business man. He became the Apple’s CEO (Chief Executive Office in 2011. Before he appointed as CEO, he provided the work of CEO at the time Steve Job was in medical leave to until his death. Firstly, in 1988 he joined as SVP (Senior Vice President) of World Wide Operation in Apple. He played a major role to lead the Apple Company’s success. Actually, the company was in troubling stage at the time when Cook when Cook approved to associate with Apple and his duty in recovering the company has been boundless. Tim Cook was Born in normal family in small city. He is man of self-made and brilliant in school. After his study of school, he joined in Auburn University…show more content…
Then he joined in Auburn University in Alabama, he earned the degree of bachelor in Industrial Engineering in 1982. He graduated his MBA degree in 1988, from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in 1988. From there he got Fuqua Scholar. Fuqua Scholar is honor to the students who graduate in top ten percent of their class.  Leadership styles and philosophy We can define the style of leadership of Tim Cook as democratic. Cook develops to have followed some of the famous entrepreneur's current practices and grown a differently integrated leadership technique. Cook doesn’t have style of bold like Steve jobs. Cook characterized by the workers of employees as appealing and caring. Administration of Cook has been described by a better target on the products that are existent, and promoting of business with good relationship with workers. Instead Steve Jobs style of leadership, Cook has played to his abilities and established attention on developing service among Apple's factory of talent involving Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue and Phil Schiller. This is greatly shows the democratic style of management, which inspire consensus building, especially among high-level workers prior to mutually consented creating of…show more content…
Cook was responsible for most of Apple's day-to-day operations in Jobs’ absence. Unable to cope with the pressures of being the CEO anymore, Jobs resigned as CEO and became chairman of the board in August 2011. Tim Cook was named CEO of Apple Inc. on August 24, 2011. Now, Apple continues their progress under the leadership of Tim Cook. Growth Path The apple company became one the largest company of Information technology in the world with few years after the joining of Tim Cook. After the Steve jobs resign as CEO, Tim Cooke got the responsibility of CEO of Apple Company. He leaded the company very well. Beyond the Job of CEO, he played different important role in the making of new version of iphone, iPad, Mac and iPod etc. Apple announced a dollar 2.65 cash profit per share, investing $100 million in a work to begin construction of some Macs in the United States. Cook also makes changes in the management. The creating of Apples owns map application was one of the main wrong moves of the company. Time cook forced to apologize that problems, this was happened by because of the end relationship with Google. It is cause to miss industry prediction because of the Slowing iPad sales, and after arriving all-time highs, Stock price of Apple took a fall starting in last 2012 and changing in mid-2013. The stock has sense
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