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An Enforcer inquiry was conducted to determine if any members of the 110 Detective Squad ran the name "Shawn Thomas" from 2100 hours on 06/08/2015 - 2100 hours on 06/09/2015. The Enforcer Check revealed that two (2) members of the 110 Squad ran the name "Shawn Thomas", Det. Kelly and Det. Patel (formerly assigned to the 110th Squad). These two officers were subsequently added to this case as subjects with the allegation of DRV-Other for failure to take appropriate actio n in regards to an active I-Card. A YouTube inquiry was conducted for "Unlawfully Arrested for Failure to Provide Identification". The search revealed a video posted by "Shawn Thomas". In the video you see a male white Sergeant with brown hair, dressed in plain clothes, and a male white Police Officer with blond hair, in uniform. No third officer is seen. No shield numbers or name plates where visible in the video. Additionally, the complainant is not seen in the video, you can only hear his voice. No violations of Department rules or procedures are observed in the video. Conferrals Conducted: A conferral with IAB Intelligence Unit disclosed no information on the subject officers or the allegations. A conferral was made with the Kings …show more content…

After discussing the facts of this case, it was determined that Schedule "B" Command Disciplines will be requested for Det. Kelly, and Det. Patel. Det. Kelly and Det. Patel failed to take appropriate police action in regards to the active I-Card, which is in violation of P.G. 203-10 "Public Contact - Prohibited Conduct", page #1, paragraph #5, which states that MOS are prohibited from engaging in conduct prejudicial to good order, efficiency, or discipline of the Department. Charges and Specifications were subsequently preferred against Det. Patel, ICIS# 16-40506, after he opted to not accept his Schedule "B" Command Discipline with a penalty of arned and Admonished, without a statutory

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