Pc211 Week 1 Investigation Report

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10 Investigative Skills (7PA0006337) - Officer Stark responded to a PC211-Robbery radio call at 1038 E. Colorado Blvd. The comments of the call stated 2 Female Asians and 2 Male Asians pushed the Victim out of his wheelchair and took his wallet containing $25. Stark responded to the location, even though it was out of his beat, and asked me if he could handle the call. I advised the beat Officer that we would handle the incident for training. As we entered the Rite Aid, the Victim was sitting in his wheelchair directly in front of the exit. Stark noticed the Officer Safety issue with interviewing the Victim in front of the door, and asked him to move to the side away from the flow of pedestrian traffic. Stark spoke with the Officer that had responded prior to our arrival and got the information that the Officer had already obtained. Stark re-interviewed the Victim, and come to the conclusion that the crime elements of PC211 were not met. I asked Stark what he believed the crime was, he stated PC 484 - petty theft. Stark gave the Victim a business card with the report number. When the Victim left, Stark conducted a follow-up to the crime location in search of any …show more content…

Stark has approximately 9 years as a sworn peace officer with another department, and is more respectful then most academy graduate trainees. Stark responds to every Officer with a Sir or a Ma'am, and does not fraternize with others if he can help it. A great example is, two supervisors asked myself and Stark to meet them at 7-11 for coffee, and to brief them about the school threats. When the brief was complete, Stark noticed that talk had gone from business to personal. Stark, without question, removed himself from the group and began studying. It is this type of behavior that trainees should emulate while in the Pasadena FTO

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