Why A Crime Scene Is Important Essay

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Introduction In Trinidad and Tobago over the past few months, there have been a drastic rise in rate of serious crimes, as a results, crimes such as, robberies, larcenies, sexual offences, assaults, wounding’s and murders, run rampant in our society with little to no remorse by the offender. Consequently, it is intrinsically imperative that the preservation of the crime scene remain intact, with little to no contamination if possible. After the occurrence of a crime, the location where the crime occurs, help investigators build a stronger case in solving the offence and bringing the alleged perpetrator to justice. Furthermore, as citizens you have your role to play in ensuring that justice is complete, as the safeguarding of the crime scene …show more content…

I am here today to help everyone gain a greater perspective about the importance of a crime scene, as well as, enlighten all and sundry present, about three vital keys when you are next at …show more content…

A law enforcement officer function at a crime scene is crucial for the realization of the investigation, when it comes to determining an effective apprehension as well as a successful conviction. So a law enforcement officer at times may ask for the cooperation of individuals, to move from one location to another, as to extend a cordon or create a new perimeter. Despite this, without your cooperation in assisting the law enforcement officers with whatever pertinent information you may have, the investigation is frozen, as investigators may have little to nothing, in order to bring about the desired result for the case. I humbly ask you all to work with us in achieving a better community as we seek justice and restitution for the victims, and a timely arrest and conviction for the

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