Essay On Causes Of Crime

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Every day on the news there are all kinds of reports. Crime reports are a major part of today's events. Almost every day there are posts about crimes. The level of crime has risen immensely in every corner of the world. People have tried to understand the causes of crime, but if we look around the world we can see that many of the crimes are caused by people who abuse drugs and alcohol, people who think negatively towards others, and poverty. One of the factors that cause crime in our society is the abuse of drugs and alcohol. They alter natural chemicals that a brain produces to help people think, feel, and make decisions. The consumption of these chemicals can affect a person both now and in the future because of the of the crimes that they …show more content…

Many people who commit a crime in our society are people who have nothing to apport to their families. The need to give their families a better life is what leads them to have to commit robbery for a living. In 2017 a rising artist named, 2pac, released a song named Try To Understand. His song was about his personal life dedicated to kids or certain people whose parents weren’t moral because they spent most of their life in prison. A part of the song goes like this “Born through hard times ghetto child of mine, I wonder if you have to suffer for your father's crimes. Try to understand if I change in time it's only cause I never owned anything that’s mine!” When 2pac says that the first line using the words ghetto child, that's is how many kids might see themselves due to the hards time and place where they live. On the other hand, Dennis Prager wrote an article titled “ Poverty Doesn’t Cause Crime” where he shared the story of his grandparents. His main point was that poverty doesn’t cause crime because people who live in poverty have dignity and values that are more important than going around staining their lives. Although this is true that there are people with dignity and are humble living in poverty doesn’t mean that when desperate times come they don't act wrong. Around the world, people live in poverty and it may not be a powerful reason for committing a crime but the truth is that because of the condition

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