Cvc 1461 Case Study 1

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INTRODUCTION: This case involves the arrest of Suspect Davian Thomas for driving with a suspended license in violation of CVC 14601.1(a)-Suspended Driver 's License. INVESTIGATION: On 07-22-16, at 1701 hours, I was working uniformed patrol with Officer Harrell #3441. We were traveling east on Washington Boulevard approaching El Sereno Avenue. I observed a green Honda Accord traveling west on Washington Boulevard directly past our patrol unit. I saw the vehicle did not have a front license plate in violation of CVC 5200(a)-No front license plate. The vehicle continued westbound on Washington Boulevard and pulled into the northwest parking lot of the Kings Villages apartment complex. I made a U-turn, activated my overhead lights/siren and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the northwest parking lot (1141 N. Fair Oaks Avenue). As we pulled in behind the vehicle, the driver (later identified as Suspect Davian Thomas) exited the above vehicle (California license plate #4GCN238). …show more content…

Thomas told me that he did not have identification in his possession. I handcuffed and detained Thomas pending further investigation. The handcuffs were double locked. I conducted a records check on Thomas and learned that he has a suspended driver’s license in violation of CVC 14601.1(a). I cited and released Thomas in the field for CVC 14601.1(a)-Suspended Driver’s License, CVC 5200(a)-No front license plate and CVC 4000(a)(1)-No proof of registration. He is scheduled to appear at the Pasadena Court on 09-22-16 at 0830 hours (Citation #C409639). The vehicle was released in the field to the registered owner, Ladaiaja Taichelle Fuller at the above

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