Rutledge V. Pc Case Study

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SYNOPSIS: On 6-25-15 the suspect, Matthew Rutledge, was arrested for possession of stolen property, 496(a) PC, and possession of an access card with intent to use, 484 E (D) PC. His companion, Rassan Clayton was released at the scene with no arrest. On 6-30-15 the district attorney requested additional information for the case. DETECTIVE SUPPLEMENTAL FOLLOWUP: The district attorney requested a copy of the video from the "Starbucks" where the original theft of the credit cards occurred, as well as a copy of the video from the USA gas station where the card was used. Additionally requested was a copy of the victim 's credit card statement. INVESTIGATION: On 7-7-15 I went to the USA gas station where I spoke to the manager, Esteban Borjorquez, …show more content…

At 1422 hours Rutledge entered the store and purchased several items before exiting the store. I was unable to access the station 's records to see the amounts of purchase at pump four or at the counter. Borjorquez was unable to transfer the video from the store onto a useable format so I used a camera to record the video from the monitor. I later placed the video into evidence at the Rancho San Diego Station. On 7-8-15 I contacted the victim, Cathy Smith, who emailed me a copy of her credit card statement showing two pending charges $1.00 and $15.57. The two charges then posted to her account as $50.00 and $15.57. A copy of the credit card charges was attached to the report, and an additional copy was placed into evidence at the Rancho San Diego Station. Deputy Sterbenz #7724 obtained video footage from Starbuck, the location of the theft, but we were unable to view it due to the format and lack the proper program. An additional copy has been requested but will take five to seven days to arrive. The video files from Starbucks were placed on a cd and into evidence at Rancho San

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