Incident Case Scenario: A Case Of Alysha Rosario

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On 7-22-2016, I, Richard Reyes was dispatched to a call for criminal trespassing at 12625 Wetmore Rd, San Antonio, TX. at approximately 0800 hours. I arrived on site at 0818 hours, where there were 2 men arguing inside of the class room. I was accompanied by back-up officer Alysha Rosario, we separated the two men from each other and asked the suspect Johnny McGregor to step outside, and the Officer Rosario spoke with him and gathered his story. I stayed inside of the classroom and spoke with the victim Jose Robledo about the incident, where Jose explained to me that his step-brother Johnny has been using the car and has not been adding gas to it. Jose has added gas on multiple occasions and each time Johnny has used it he refuses

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