Birmingham Jail Case

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On 06/09/2018 at approximately 0435 Officer Sultemeier #969 was doing an hourly jail check in the woman’s wing. I Officer Zagada #967 stayed in booking to try to finish up updating our Classification log. Then, I overheard Officer Sultemeier speak to dispatch about two females coming out of Day Room 6. I Officer Zagada called officer Sultemeier over the radio and asked him “why are you bringing out two girls.” Officer Sultemeier told me that both Inmates VANN, RACHAEL MICHELE #6737 and CORPUS, CAITLYN DIANE #6904 wished to speak with him. I officer Zagada then made my way to day room 6 to assist officer Sultemeier. Once I met with officer Sultemeier and the two inmates VANN, RACHAEL MICHELE #6737 and CORPUS, CAITLYN DIANE #6904, CORPUS, CAITLYN …show more content…

So, officer Sultemeier and I ended our search and made our way to the Recreation yard to find inmates CORPUS, CAITLYN DIANE #6904 MELUGIN, AMBER LYNN #7077 arguing. We then separated the two inmates and pulled out MELUGIN, AMBER LYNN and talked to her about why were they were fighting. MELUGIN, AMBER LYNN stated that “CORPUS, CAITLYN DIANE #6904 is picking on VANN, RACHAEL MICHELE #6737 and how if they were on the streets somebody would’ve checked that bitch”. I officer Zagada then felt the need to remove MELUGIN, AMBER LYNN #7077 away from the Recreation yard and place her in the Violent cell until further notice. After moving MELUGIN, AMBER LYNN into the Violent Cell I officer Zagada accompanied with officer Sultemeier went back to the Recreation yard to speak with and VANN, RACHAEL MICHELE #6737 about why was there so much tension between CORPUS, CAITLYN DIANE and MELUGIN, AMBER LYNN I officer Zagada asked VANN, RACHAEL MICHELE “who brought the meth into the day room and where is it now?” VANN, RACHAEL MICHELE stated that “Pierce had the meth in her hand and asked Corpus if she wanted to do

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