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At approximately 11:00pm, Assistant Hall Director (AHD), Lateef Wearrien was walking to his office in Dewey Hall, when he smelled marijuana in the hallway of Clinton 310. AHD Wearrien was able to trace the smell of marijuana to room 310A. AHD Wearrien knocked on the door and announced himself as Campus Living Staff. AHD Wearrien heard a couple of drawers closing, while awaiting for the door to be opened. Resident George Burket (50220813, UB Student) opened the door, when AHD Wearrien noticed three other students in the room, two were UB students: Resident John Florez (50236718) who was sitting on the floor and Dakota M Prokop (50228991) who was sitting on the bed close to the window. Jordan Anthony Gage Faso, a guest of resident Burket and non-ub student (attending Erie Community College) was sitting by the …show more content…

AHD Wearrien told the residents that he notice a smell of marijuana coming from this room. All four residents replied, “they didn’t smoke marijuana” AHD Wearrien informed all four students because of the smell he has to call University Police, so he asked them again, “were you all smoking marijuana?”. Resident Burket admitted that they were smoking marijuana. AHD Wearrien asked if there was any marijuana left in the room, and all four residents replied no. Resident Florez stated to AHD Wearrien “you can’t just give us a warning,” AHD Wearrien responded unfortunately, no, I have document this. Resident Florez responded “we weren’t harming anyone” AHD Wearrien responded to Resident Florez “Florez we are not going to go back and forth, it would be in your best interest to cooperate with me.” Resident Florez remained silent throughout the whole incident. AHD Wearrien called the RAs on Duty, Tara Strade and Sukarna Das for Backup. RAs on Duty arrived at 11:10pm, AHD Wearrien instructed RA Das to stay by the door while AHD Wearrien called University Police. AHD Wearrien called University Police at 11:12pm to ask to have a UPD

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