State Route 924 Case

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On 01/23/2016, at approximately 1428 hours, your affiant was on routine patrol travelling north on State Route 924 (North Main Street). Your affiant observed a black Subaru station wagon travelling south on State Route 924 approaching a steady red traffic signal located at the intersection of Main and Coal Streets. The operator of the Subaru continued through the intersection and travelled through the steady red light. Your affiant activated the emergency lights and conducted a vehicle stop on the unit block of North Main Street. Your affiant approached the operator and requested his license and vehicle information. The operator was identified through a Pennsylvania driver 's license as Michael John CONTI Jr. While speaking with CONTI I observed signs and symptoms indicating the recent use of marijuana. Your affiant verified the status of CONTI 'S license and learned it was suspended, which was verified through a certified drivers history by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation …show more content…

Your affiant transported CONTI to the police station where a series of psychophysical divided attention tests were performed; some of which he was unable to successfully complete. The tests were performed inside the Shenandoah Police station on a flat, dry surface due to the weather conditions and snow covered roadways. I explained my findings to CONTI and requested him to submit to a chemical test of blood. CONTI related he recently ingested marijuana and indicated it would appear on the blood test. CONTI agreed to submit to the blood test and was transported to the Schuylkill Medical Center South Hospital where the blood sample was drawn from his right arm at approximately 1519 hours. The blood sample was sent to National Medical Service Labs in Willow Grove Pennsylvania for blood analysis. NMS Labs generated a toxicology report indicating the positive findings and levels of the following: 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 4.3ng/mL, Delta-9 Carboxy THC 54ng/mL, and Delta-9 THC

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