Father Work Case Summary

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The client reported he was born in Caracas, Venezuela and later moved to Spain and then Chili with his parents because of his father work. At 12-years old he moved to Florida where he currently resides in Coconut Creek. He noted he was primarily raised by his biological parents.The client described his childhood as "good, " and could not describe anything negative about his upbringing. He reported he and his family moved every four years due to his father work. However, he described his relationship with his mother as "okay." Per the client his mother was strict and had rules for him to follow. He indicated at times, they would have verbal disagreement and she would punish him by way of spanking or grounding him. When asked about his father, he stated that his father more calmer and always wanted to spend time with him after coming home from a business trip. Nevertheless, the client could not recall anything negative about his relationship with his parents.The client reported he feels closest to his mother because she was there when his father was away for work purposes. The client reported as a juvenile, he experienced being bullied in school. He stated while attending school in Chili, he noted he was …show more content…

He stated in June of 2017 he was involved in a car accident whereby his vehicle rolled over twice. He stated he sustained non-life threatening injuries. However, he reported upon the police arrival, he was found with narcotics in his vehicle and was later arrested on a felony charges for possession of drug paraphernalia. Similarly in his social life, he has lost the desire to spend time with his family, but admitted he only wanted to "go out to use." He denied his addiction has affected him behavior as he stated, "it relaxed me." The client denied his behavior changed. In terms of relapse the client indicated he has never tried to stop using until now. On interview with the client 's wife, she reported she

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