Jeffrey Whalen Observation

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On 10/30/2015, at approximately 2040 hours, Officer Bowman and your affiant were dispatched to 208 East Mount Vernon Street. The caller, Paul Whalen, stated that his brother just called someone to sell and drop off prescription medication. Your affiant arrived at 208 East mount Vernon Street and briefly spoke with Paul. I asked Paul if Jeffrey was at the house and he informed me that he was inside. Paul escorted me inside the living room where I waited for Jeffrey Whalen (defendant) to come downstairs from his bedroom. Jeffrey initially denied that he had purchased or attempted to purchase and drugs. Jeffrey displayed signs of drug use while I spoke with him. Dry mouth, dilated pupils, takative and nervous are some of the indicators I observed. Jeffrey later said that he was sorry for lying and he did buy some pills. He related he bought some "perc tens" from a friend, but after his brother said he was going to call the police her threw them away. Jeffrey showed me his mother black flip cell phone that he used to make the call when he ordered his drugs. Jeffrey related he paid eight dollars a piece for the percocet (10) ten milligrams. I requested Jeffrey for consent to search his bedroom, to which he allowed me to …show more content…

When I opened the baseball cap I located a cellophane wrapper which contained four round pink pills with the imprint of 370 and reverse side scored and one round white pill with the imprint of R over P with a score between the letters and the reverse side "10." All five pills described were identified as Oxycodone Hydrochloride 10 mg. After picking the hat up that contained the pills I observed a gray pen that was taken apart and cut. The pen a brand name marking of "Office Depot." Jeffrey was questioned on what drugs he used today and was informed it was noticable. Jeffrey said "I took some adderalls today okay, I'm not going to

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