Mr. Paul Jones Case Study

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• Who? • Victim- Mrs. Mary Sue Jones (complainant) • 1305 E. 348 Street Anytown, USA 12345 • Cell #: (716) 555-0123 • SSN: 012-34-5678 • DOB: 1/31/1983 • Suspect- Mr. Paul Jones (Husband of complainant) • 1305 E. 348 Street Anytown, USA 12345 • Cell #: (716) 555-9876 • SSN: 987-65-4321 • DOB: 11/12/1981 • Witnesses- Mrs. Penelope Perkins Mr. James Hardy • 1309 E. 348th St. 1308 E. 348th St. • DOB: 02/14/1982 DOB: 09/19/1970 • Home #: 550-257-6148 Home #: 550-329-6498 • Cell #: 550-413-8756 Cell #: 550-669-3247 • Officer 1- first PO on the scene (primary)- Officer John Swigart • Officer 2- Backup PO (secondary)- Officer Darren Jackson • Emergency Medical Services • What? • Mrs. …show more content…

Jones upon arrival on scene, spoke with suspect Mr. Jones at 1635 hours. • Secondary Officer Jackson speaks to and gets a statement from witness Mrs. Perkins at 1700, and witness Mr. Hardy at 1730. • Arrest Mr. Jones for domestic violence at 1645 hours • Where? • Incident occurred at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jones: 1305 E. 348 Street, Anytown, USA 12345. • Assault took place in the living room of Jones residence. • Complainant and Victim Mrs. Jones was sitting on her porch. • Suspect Mr. Jones was outside in backyard talking to neighbor Mr. Hardy. • Witness Mrs. Perkins and her husband where inside their home across the street, looking out of the window. • Mr. Hardy was in his backyard doing yardwork when he heard Mr. and Mrs. Jones arguing. • Broken glass from table on scattered about floor, table lamp laying on the floor, three empty beer bottles and half empty bottle of rum on couch. • Injuries to Mrs. Jones were a bloody bottom lip, redness around left eye, and multiple scratches on both of her arms. • Mr. Jones’ knuckles of his right hand were red which was conducive to hitting something. • Why? • Statement from Mrs. Jones indicates that the argument started because of Mr. Jones’ excessive …show more content…

Jones on porch and Mr. Jones in backyard). • Victim Statement- Mrs. Jones stated she was punched in her face twice by her husband. • Mrs. Jones’ injuries were obvious and conducive of being assaulted. • Mr. Jones’ excessive drinking of alcohol (beer and rum) is the reason for the altercation. • Paul Jones was arrested and transported to the Police Department. • Witness statements suggest Mr. Jones to be the primary aggressor. • Witness statement- Mr. Hardy stated that in more than five years he has heard arguing many times, but it’s the first time that he could remember it to be this bad. In his conversation with Mr. Jones, he didn’t say that he had hit Mrs. Jones. • Witness statement- Mr. Hardy, Mr. Jones told Mr. Hardy that Mrs. Jones had fallen and was trying to blame him for her injuries. • Witness Statement- Mrs. Perkins, fighting was not out of the ordinary, when they “heard a loud crash” she knew the argument had gotten “out of hand” and decided to call 911. • Witness statement-Mrs. Perkins, she could not hear what Mrs. Jones was yelling, but she did say that “They have never broken anything before, but Mary Sue has complained that Paul hit her in the past” • Risk and

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