Fake Trooper Essay

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The average person has probably heard those horrible news stories about fake law officers, breaking the law. The fact is that it happens more than you might think. Why? Well, certainly because they are able to fool innocent citizens into believing that they are a real law officer with a few clever methods that would not fool anyone connected with law enforcement. These criminals are not a joke. They are dangerous law breakers that could easily cause harm to multiple individuals.Let 's take a closer look at a few real life cases that happened recently.

Fake Trooper

It appears that criminals like to play state trooper. This is the type of law officer that is usually out on the major highways alone, watching traffic. Drivers expect that troopers …show more content…

This is something that is almost comical and seems like a comedy routine on a television show or like the totally incompetent cops in the Police Academy Movies. A man driving a car with red and blue emergency lights stopped a car in North Kingsville, Ohio for a traffic violation. The joke was on him because he stopped a real law officer. The law officer quickly realized that he was a fake and drove away. He later contacted the North Kingsville, Ohio police department about the fake cop. The fake cop was later …show more content…

Two co-workers in the Pittsburgh area was on their way home at about 10 at night. A dark colored utility car with flashing lights started to follow the women and motioned for the driver to pull over to the side of the road. The driver refused. The fake cop proceeded to try and drive the women off the road.

The fact is that the public is use to watching actors play silly and incompetent law officers like those in Let 's Be Cops or the Police Academy Movies. Remember, criminals watch those very same movies. Many base their impersonation on those fake cop roles. The actors playing fake cops have skewed our thinking and twisted the way that we view cops. They are a clear misrepresentation of real law officers and the way that they act on duty. This has led to people dropping their defenses and not using their own common

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