Argumentative Essay: The 4th Amendment

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Your rights might not be protected as you think. Specifically, the 4th Amendment has been failing its promises to the country and its citizens. The 4th Amendment protects citizens from illegal searches, but is frequently violated by the police, FBI, CIA, etc. It’s hard to imagine law enforcers to break the law, but it is very possible and has ruined the lives of two people.
The Origins of the 4th Amendment The 4th Amendment was originally created to relieve people of their worries. Back in colonial America, British soldiers often invaded homes in order to uproot the insurgency. The Amendment promised the citizens that it would respect their rights to privacy, and assured that the fair court system would have to issue a warrant to search people’s homes. It also protected citizens from criminals who would fake being an officer in order to gain access to their homes. How could such a right be violated so much?
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A few days, police received an anonymous tip that Virgil Ogletree, a suspect in the bombing, was at the home Dollree Mapp. The police soon arrived, and asked to be let in, but Mapp demanded to see a warrant. Later, when another officer arrived, they believed they had a warrant and forced their way into the home. Mapp once again demanded a warrant and an officer took out a sheet of paper and waved it in front of Mapp without letting her look at it. It was later revealed that this wasn’t a warrant. Mapp took the paper and shoved it in her blouse, and was then attacked and handcuffed to her bed. The police found Ogletree in basement with obscene books. Mapp was arrested for having the books and then pleaded not guilty.” This case shows that police can and will lie to get their way. It also shows that the Constitution has the ability to be ignored. Corruption has burrowed its way into the

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