Officer Darren Wilson And The Death Of Michael Brown

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It all began on Saturday August 9, 2014 in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, which is a small suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. A young African American male was shot by a white police officer, which ultatimely led to his death. His name was Michael Brown he was only 18 years old when he died from a gun shot wound by officer Darren Wilson. The story begins when Brown and his friend decided to go rob a store where they sold cigarillos. The store employees saw the men take the cigarillos and called the cops to report a robbery. The two men started walking away from the store in the middle of the streets back home. When officer Wilson was just finishing up a call when he heard over his radio that they need someone to respond to the area by the store the two men …show more content…

He then drives up to the men and asks them peality to move to the sidewalk because walking down the middle of the street at night is dangerous and they were blocking the road. The two young males refused and started swearing/ cusing at officer Wilson. The bigger stature one Michael even approached officer Wilson in his police car when things started to get violent. Michael punched officer Wilson in the face a few times. That’s when Wilson requested for back up but in the mean time Wilson started to fear for his own life. It was time for him to draw up his weapon. Wilson told Brown move away from his car by going to the sidewalk. Wilson threatened that if Brown didn’t move he would fire his weapon. When Brown refused to move Wilson fired his gun at first nothing happened his gun just made clicking noises but all of the sudden if went off breaking the windows of his police car. Brown started to back away from Wilson in his police car and starting running down the street. Wilson decided then that he had to get out of his car and follow him on foot.

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