Racial Discrimination In Michael Brown

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Racial Tension in Michael Brown 's case On August 9, 2014, eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was shot by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. The shooting caused protests and has drawn the world’s attention because Michael Brown was an unarmed black man while Darren Wilson is a white police officer. People believe Michael Brown’s shooting involves a racial tension between blacks and whites since Brown was unarmed and surrendered. In Ferguson, the majority of people are African Americans, and the majority of police officers are white. On the night of the shooting incident, Brown was walking home and confronted by Wilson because Wilson thought Brown was suspicious. There was a struggle between Brown and Wilson. According to Brown’s friend, Wilson started the fight. Wilson was violent toward Brown and shot Brown several times even though Brown had already surrendered and put up his hands in the air. People who are on Brown’s side claim that a white police officer abused his power, and a sign of race discrimination among police officers. On the day of shooting, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson went to Ferguson Market and Liquor Store where it was reported for robbery. According to Johnson 's attorney, Freeman Bosley, Michael was involved in shoplifting(CNN). The police released the video of Brown robbing and pushing a clerk of the store from the convenience store 's security camera. Micheal Brown 's family responded to the video as a strategy of police to denigrated Brown, and

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