Was Wilson Unjustifiable

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It 's been about a year and a half since 18 year old Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. This ordeal still holds a lot of controversy. I, myself believe that Wilson 's action were unjustifiable and way worse than just unfair. Regardless of whether or not Michael had stolen something, shooting to kill was unnessecary. It was also unacceptabe and disrespectful for his body to be taken away hours later and in a cop car. When I heard about what had happened I was enraged because it seemed that once again race had made the situation sticky. However, if we were to take away the fact that Michael was black and Wilson was white, it still would not have made Wilson 's actions any better. When you look at the statistics of the matter you can 't help but place blame on the justice system. 1 in 15 black men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in 106 white men. This to me is a gap that is to huge to call a coincidence. Racial profiling and subliminal messages on T.V. make criminal charges look more and more like a death sentence for young black …show more content…

I remember watching live while they were deciding on whether or not there would be an indictment. The entire time I was nervous. I thought for sure that Wilson would have to face the consequences. In the end. No indictment. And the sad part is if I had known what I know now then I would have not been so surprised. This justice system is unfair, to all of its citzens, but more so black and brown citizens. Michael Brown and his family deserved for justice to brought. Some try and say that michael was a thug or like to bring up the fact that he had possible stolen something but the fact remains that an unarmed teen was killed by a police officer. An oifficer who was supposed to serve and

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