Acct 504 Case 1 Spree Case Studies

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Case 1- Spree
On Thursday 3/4/09 at 2043 a white male with short hair attack the owner/employee on the property on beat 668. This suspect had a weapon and consumed a value of $300 dollars at this convenience store. He hit the two victims with his weapon and left in a car. The suspect description is fat/heavy built. This type of robbery would be considered as a hot setting type pattern of commercial Robbery with a weapon. This is a Spree Pattern because all of the crimes committed were robberies, they happened very close together, and some even happened in the same day.

Case 2-Spree
The suspect is a Black male with the height 1 of 504 and Height 2 504. The age 1 is 18 years old and age 2 is also 18 years old. This crime happens on a Wednesday …show more content…

He then demands money from his victims with a handgun. This occurred on 3/15/09 at 1919 on a Sunday at this convenience store. He left on foot and took about $200 dollars in cash/notes. The suspect speech is LISP and his description is brown hair, Age 1-25, Age 2-25, weight 1-120 pounds, weight 2-120 pounds, Height 1-505, Height 2-505. This suspect committed Robbery, which the pattern would be a hot setting type of pattern in this …show more content…

The property that the suspect took is unknown at the moment, but we do know that it value at $300 in value. This suspect is height 1 is 506 and also height 2 is 506.The location that this crime was committed on 4/5/2009. The time was about 2304 on a Sunday in a parking lot on beat 668. The Pedestrian was attack and the suspect fired a weapon, used a stolen auto and a chemical agent.
Case 8
This Suspect entered beat 668 and attacks a Pedestrian on foot and demands cash/notes in the parking lot. This white male pushed his victim down while committing his robbery on 4/16/09 on a Thursday. Before demanding money he ask for some change and directions. Suspect is a White male thin beard, Height 1-508, Height 2-508, Age 1-25, Age 2-25. The time is about 114 on a Thursday. Suspect hit his victims before taking $500 dollars of value in cash.

Case 9
This suspect was a Hispanic male with short hair. He took $100 property value and the property taken was purse/wallet. He was muscular/stocky built with a mustache and height 1 was about 509 and height 2 is 510. This robbery occurred on 4/18/2009 at about 2000 on a Saturday. The location was in an alley on beat 918 and the Pedestrian was attack by the suspect and asked his victims for change/directions. His actions has been deceptive practices and had a

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