Personal Narrative: A Career As A Warrant Officer

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1. It is my personal pleasure to convey to the Enlisted to Warrant Officer board the qualities and skills that make SSgt Arnold one of the top Marines I have observed. His work effect and results on all tasks are second to none. 2. I have had an opportunity to work with SSgt Arnold while we were both stationed in Okinawa Japan. As a Company Commander I watched then Sgt Arnold routinely take on difficult tasks with ease while producing results that far exceed my expectations. He became the homerun hitter of the Company and was a “fire and forget” leader of Marines. Of the many noteworthy accomplishments during our time together in Okinawa, one that particularly stands out was his actions as the Duty Non-Commissioned Officer for the Company when he prevented an attempted suicide. During a difficult and challenge time for one of his subordinate Marines, SSgt Arnold was able to recognize the warning signs of a Marine in need. SSgt Arnold took aggressive steps to protect a fellow Marine and stopped and bad situation from becoming worst. SSgt Arnold has the well-rounded background necessary to thrive as a restricted officer. He is a technical expert in his field and one of the best Marines I have had an opportunity to serve with over the course of my 22 year career. …show more content…

Staff Sergeant Arnold possesses all of the qualities we look for in Marine Corps Officers, his moral compass always points true. If there is only one Marine selected to Warrant Officer in the Ammunition Community, this would be my only recommendation for selection. 4. POC for recommendation is Major Michael Smith at work DSN 314-431-2066 or Comm. +49 (0) 703-115-2066, or email at

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