Armed Force Officer Essay Examples

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Fit to Fight, Fit to LEAD An Armed Force Officer is a special breed Our greatest ASSET is our INTEGRITY We take our every RESPONSIBILITY seriously By our EXAMPLE we LEAD” This creed given to the Young Officer Course of 2014 has all the answers to becoming a leader who truly leads by example “Fit to Fight Fit to Lead” Soldiers and war go hand in hand therefor it would be expected for soldiers to go into training so that when the time comes for the war he/she is competent and physically capable of overcoming the enemy. As the officer in charge of these men who will send them into battle, you would want to be certain that if you send your men into fight that they won’t desert the country or the mission given and that they can be successful in achieving the goal. In Essence you want to have you charges in such frame of mind that they willingly …show more content…

“We Take Our Responsibility Seriously “ Responsibility and integrity are very closely linked. Integrity must be present for a person to be able to accept failure in being accountable. Responsibility is not stagnant in higher levels of command. Every soldier whether Officer or enlisted is responsible for sustaining the essential military capabilities he possess. Specifically to the officer over a platoon or unit, who might not be in control, but is directly responsible for these troops. He/she has the responsibility of the daily processions of hi/her base; His fitness and his/her troop’s fitness level; a command climate where practices of integrity can be adhered to even when he/she is not present. He is responsible for the training of his/her company and to the organization for creating a culture based around the practices and policies in the ethos of the

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