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Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Another significant aspect of emphasized by the army is charisma. Therefore, army strategy to have a great leader is to choose people with high charisma since follower are always drawn to leaders with charisma. By having a high charisma they can command the follower easily. The basic task of a leader are: achieve the mission with zero fatality. In order to learn more about military mind we can take a look at the United States Army; Warrior Ethos which are: i. I will always place the mission first. ii. I will never accept defeat. iii. I will never quit. iv. I will never leave a fallen comrade. A very well-known…show more content…
This kind of leader will have a really strong sense of presence and they are really good in utilizing their specialty. This leader strategy is emphasizing on leaving a good impression based on leader 's manner, actions and words, appearance, intellect and character. Which create a lasting impression on their follower’s behaviour. Since in a military an army is required to always be prepared to combat to mortal. A military leader has to possess a strong presence to reduce the stress level and uncertainty which is blocking their subordinates and follower. By using this strategy they can help to reduce the stress…show more content…
Furthermore, we learn in history about Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia from 336-323 B.C. is one of the legendary military leader ever exist and has conquered most of the known world. Even though he is a very great military leader he was ironically dead because of the sickness. Despite this he is always being remember as a powerful military leader. A military leaders in a battlefield are the most valuable assets and a pride of nation even though they will die during the war their spirit was kept alive by their loyal follower. Always remember that a great leader is always a good tactician with will come up with a various strategy to solve their

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