Essay On Military Leadership

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Military leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Another significant aspect of emphasized by the army is charisma. Therefore, army strategy to have a great leader is to choose people with high charisma since follower are always drawn to leaders with charisma. By having a high charisma they can command the follower easily. The basic task of a leader are: achieve the mission with zero fatality. In order to learn more about military mind we can take a look at the United States Army; Warrior Ethos which are: i. I will always place the mission first. ii. I will never accept defeat. iii. I will never quit. iv. I will never leave a fallen comrade. A very well-known leader is always being judge by their character which is influenced by their thinking of what is right or wrong legally and morally. Military leader always have high integrity and morality. The integrity they possess make them courage to fight the right thing to do. It is the basis for the trust that is essential for the Armed Forces to operate effectively. By having …show more content…

Which mean that they have a higher level of Intellect. There are two types of intellect which are intelligence quotient (IQ) and Emotional quotient (EQ) abilities. A leader 's intellect equate to how he or she can think when put into a harsh environment. A great military leader’s strategy is to think through problems, creating solutions, and making a decision. Thinking comes from a person 's own analytical individual perspective, no one will think or act in the same way as someone else. The strategy used by the military leaders is by having a good mental health and intellect the can grab the ability to understand and acknowledge their strengths and limitations with will help them to be more

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