Trustworthiness In Military

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Meriam Webster defines profession as “a type of job that requires special education, training, or skill.” With that being said, to be a professional means that you have to be educated, well trained, and exhibit competent skills in the workplace. The Army profession however, is not just a job, but rather a noble calling. Unlike a job in which an individual is normally enticed with benefits and other employee perks to join an organization, an Army professional must have a strong inclination to serve his or her country, especially when its main duty is to provide security and defense to the society. An Army professional therefore, is an individual that has meet the Army’s standard of competence, character, and commitment. The American people…show more content…
Leaders need to trust their subordinates and empower them, and subordinates need to trust their leaders to give them the freedom to carry out such orders. After all, the leaders and the subordinates share the same common purpose, to defend the security and integrity of the United States as a sovereign nation.
Trustworthiness is each and everyone’s responsibility in the Army. How we live and conduct ourselves reflect our personal and professional values. If an individual chooses to behave in a way that corrodes the Army values, it weakens the effectiveness of the profession, and destroys trust among our comrades, allies, and the people that we serve. Therefore, conducting ourselves properly on and off duty is a must to preserve this honorable
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“Discipline and pride build individual morale and a collective esprit de corps” resulting in high performance and conduct. Today, the legacy of esprit de corps is continuously promoted though customs, traditions and ceremonies; and is present in all levels of the Army profession. Contributions to esprit de corps can be manifested in: high motivation, teamwork, commitment to organization, and promotions to name a few. Having esprit de corps in a group not only boost morale, but it is also the driving force that helps lead to effective mission
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