Army Leader Competency

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Leader Competencies are leadership skills and behaviors that contribute to superior performance. Leaders outdated skills and behaviors encouraged change over many years. The three main categories of competences are to Lead, Develop, and Achieve. Army leaders serve to lead others, develop themselves, environment and profession as a whole, and to also achieve organizational goals. In order for an Army leader to lead they must apply the attributes to guide Soldiers towards a common goal and mission accomplishments. Lead is broken down into five sub topics and of those topics the most important ones to me are: builds trust, leads by example, and communicates. Leaders build trust to mediate relationships and encourage commitment among followers. …show more content…

Of the eight sub topics the three most important ones to me are gets results, resources and priorities, and adjusts. Leaders get results by providing clear and understandable guidance for how and what needs to be done by a certain set of standards whether they are from higher powers or just the from the way that they would like things done. Leaders may also monitor those who are under them to help identify their strengths and help them with their weaknesses so that missions or goals are reached effectively and consistently. Managing resources is a big responsibility for leaders whether they be junior enlisted or officers, proper accountability of all resources is an essential phase that may determine the success rate of a mission or goal. Along with proper accountability of resources comes the factor of how to prioritize resources whether they be limited or plentiful. Leaders must also prioritize resources if they are limited by allocating the right amount of resources to the right individuals and they must always be prepared for the backlash that comes with having to make decisions on how much of a resource an individual gets, because not everyone will be happy with the decision you made and at times may feel like you are doing them wrong. Leader’s ability to adjust to situations is another big responsibility, as this is where the leaders and followers are easy to pick out. As a leader being able to adjust to any given situation is what makes you stand out from the rest and is what helps subordinates respect you and what to help you accomplish given missions and

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