Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Leader

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Leadership interview

I was given the chance to interview Hailey Hunt who has a position on student council. She taught me about her position and how she has been able to help others. She has taught me the many sides of being a leader and how it can be quite trying at times. I have found interviewing a leader is very different from researching about a leader. As well as how many different views there are among other leaders.

Hailey began by telling me how a leader needs to learn to balance existing relationships with new ones and continually strengthen them. Building relationships are the very core of leadership. She explained how busy a leader can become and how it can be easy to lose existing relationships. She taught me how you can grow …show more content…

I was taught that if you do not have a reason behind your leading and your heart is not in it, People can see that and will be reluctant to follow you. Having a passion and drive for what you are doing will motivate you and the people you are leading. I feel this is so very crucial for a leader. I would not want to follow someone who is not driven to get better and help others.

I was able to learn about how she has been able to improve herself and hope to do same. She told me how hard it is to take criticism from others and how it is important to learn to take it and grow from it. Learning to understand others and step outside yourself is important in setting aside your pride in order to grow to be a better leader. Working on listening to understand instead of listening to reply is vital in your growth as a leader.

Hailey was able to give me some advice that really stuck out to me. A leader brings so many new experiences as well as opportunities and it is important to look outside of yourself and do things you wouldn 't otherwise do. Stepping out of your comfort zone is important to improve as a leader. It can be scary but getting out of your comfort zone even if you are alone will never be a bad thing. Trying to improve as a leader is the best thing you can do for your …show more content…

It is easy to get caught up in details but that should never stop you from seeing the big picture, Helping the people. It is so important for a leader to connect with the people because whether you realize it or not they look up to you for support and follow your example. A leader cares about the people and will take the time to show them they care. Leaders will try to listen and understand everyone.

There is so much good you can do as a leader as long as you put in some hard work! Leading can be time-consuming but will always be worth it as you grow and you help others grow as well. You will be able to see the differences you make whether they be little or small and being able to help others will make you happier to inspire others to do the same. Leading is all about changing. You will not regret trying to be a better leader. I am so thankful for the experience I had to interview Hailey.

Service project

I will be cleaning, repairing, and taping all the equipment with Kierschtie Butler. I hope that when it is all done it will look good for future performances. If given the chance, I would love to do it in the future as well, whenever it is needed. Equipment is key to our team and I would love for it to look the best it

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