National Honor Society Scholarship Essay

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In accordance to the Camden Academy Charter High School National Honor Society application process I will be writing an essay based on the four pillars of the National Honor Society Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service and how they apply to me. Scholarship applies to me mostly through my scholastic work ethic, I am primarily intimating around my transition from sophomore year to junior year. When I first entered the CACHS school system I started out just like any other kid with regular classes and everything. Then around the final week of my sophomore year my teachers started coming to me talking about taking advanced courses for my junior year a topic I didn’t really think much about. My first teacher to come to me about advanced…show more content…
You always behave, get work done on time, respect others, show your manners, and etc. Being a leader means you set a certain criteria for everyone around you and not show them what they should be, but show them that they have the potential to be that and more. To be a leader you must be supportive of your peers, help those in need when possible, you must be able to preserve through adverse situations with critical thinking, and above all inspire yourself and others to strive for the best of their…show more content…
I mostly practice my service to my community at my local church. During the holiday season I spend my free time packing food for families who are not able to go out and buy what they need for a satisfying meal. Also a couple of weeks ago I learned that I can volunteer at my church on Saturday mornings to work in the pantry to distribute food. Service is important because it influences happiness and good nature to your community. Service also utilizes the other three pillars by providing perfect opportunities to character by spending free time to help others, scholarship by the effort that you are putting into the work, and leadership by motivating and helping those working with you and encouraging others to volunteer as well. The four pillars are the key ideals of the National Honor Society and I hope that I have trenchantly explained how each of them apply to me in my
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