National Honor Society Four Pillars Analysis

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The National Honor Society contains four qualities which encompasses it. These traits are scholarship, character, service, and leadership. These four pillars define the Honors Society and can also be used to portray myself. The quality of scholarship. Scholarship is defined as a commitment to learning. A person is eager to spend time to learn and nurture his/her mind to grow in knowledge. The person does not look to the reward but does his/her best effort in order to grow in knowledge and understanding. I believe this quality describes me because I am a diligent person. I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge with others. My preferred subjects are English, History, and Language. I use flashcards as a method of studying and …show more content…

Leadership defined is a person who takes initiative to aid others during their every day activities. They makes sacrifices of their time and personal interests for others. I believe I fit this description because I take time out of my day to help the people around me who need it. I help my sister with her English homework. I also help classmates with their English work. I go to the nursing home with my friend. I enjoy going to the nursing home and seeing all the elderly people who are always so grateful when you help them. I do not have any living grandparents anymore and it always makes me happy to visit the nursing home residents whom treat me like their own grandchild. Leaders are normally thought as confident people. I am a shy person who would not be considered an overly confident person. I do take charge when I am sure that I am best fit for the task at hand. I believe I portray all four qualities of the National Honor Society. I strive through the aspect of scholarship to increase my knowledge. Through character I am driven to make right choices throughout my life. Through service I give back to my community and others. Lastly through leadership I take initiative to help others who are in

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