Army Mission Statement

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My promotion to Specialist through Sergeant First Class have all been in the secondary zone, with my promotion to Sergeant First Class being my first appearance at the promotion board. I have received three Army Commendation Medals and three Army Achievement Medals, two of the Army Achievement Medals were impact awards for going above and beyond to accomplish the mission. I have deployed three times, performing detainee operations in Iraq, an Air Defense mission to Qatar, and an Air Defense mission to Turkey. I have served in positions well above my grade and never faltered at the challenge, be it the Executive Officer of a battery as a Staff Sergeant or being the sole responsible NCO for the AIAMD LUT. I have the desire and will to always achieve the best possible results and will not settle for mediocrity. Over the last 10 years in the Army I achieved superb …show more content…

I have the desire and unwavering appetite to achieve perfection, to work the long hours and terrible shifts in order to accomplish the mission. I have a desire to always learn; no matter a CSM or a CW5 there is always the ability to learn new things. I want to become a 140E to benefit the Warrant Officer Cohort and to benefit Air Defense as a whole. To date I have been commended on my technical and tactical knowledge a multitude of times and this will only increase after I become a Warrant Officer. I will never stop learning or becoming better at my job; I will never do it for accolades but, simply to be the best that I can be, to possibly be the best ever. I want to become a Warrant Officer for the professionalism and knowledge in the Cohort. The experience that I have gained and knowledge that I have amounted while being a 14E have given me the skills and attributes necessary to become an Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Tactician/Technician,

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