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I started attending Fork Union Military Academy in the sixth grade and have stayed throughout my entire high school career. To me, this in itself is a large accomplishment and is something I am very proud of. Every cadet goes through many ups and downs, I know in my seven years I have seen more than my fair share of trouble, but like my father always said, it 's not how you fall, but how you pick yourself back up. I made sure to do everything I could to show those around me, and to prove to myself, that I could pick myself up and accomplish anything.
I faced and continue to face many different challenges in my daily life, those that every teenager faces, and also those that have been presented to me because of the kind of environment I placed myself in. It 's difficult trying to balance everything, it is for every young adult, but FUMA taught me to be disciplined and responsible, so I can overcome adversity and excel at what I do. Fork Union helped me learn to make the most of my time, and after some much needed thought, I decided to try applying for an after school job instead of competing athletically anymore. It was hard at first and I didn 't know if I could keep it up but I 've worked there for two years now, alongside my schools stressful five point grading scale and daily personal …show more content…

Through what I consider to have been a very difficult childhood, I developed a love of thinking, and the ideas of how and why the brain works. Between my split households, school, and a constant lose of friends, because of my school, I had to try to find my own way, one way I found to cope was through music. Diving into music can be a very conceptually stimulating thing and after a while I found myself reading psychology books as well. I know my meaning in life is to help treat people with mental illnesses and my top goal is to be a Psychiatrist one day, so I can do just that. Plus I 've always been good at talking and listening so that only increases my desire for this

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