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I am Cadet Captain Mejia and I have been in JROTC my whole high school career (4 years). It has been a crazy 4 years, from being cadet of the month my freshmen year to being color guard commander my senior year. JROTC has been a roller coaster for me, I loved JROTC my freshmen year. I did everything my first year in JROTC, I was in color guard, drill team, unarmed drill team, and raiders team! I did almost all color guard performances. Moving on to my sophomore year, I went to three summer camps JROTC related. Two from school and another out of state camp. I went to JCLC an enlisted/fun camp and I learned how to repeal and how to brainstorm with a team in order to finish the task at hand. I also learned how to take charge of a platoon …show more content…

So sophomore year passed by and again I went to COLP and JCLC which I enjoyed but this time I went to COLP as a TI( training instructor ) and it was fun I learned a lot from being in a leadership position that took me out of my comfort zone but I learned to adapt and overcome. So I was going into junior year with high hopes of being a company commander but I was in my opinion cheated out of my position which at first I was mad but I learned to accept that not everything goes your way no matter how hard you work for it so for the rest of the year I was basically the laughing stock of the upper class men which really made me mad but I couldn't do anything about it but that wasn't even the worst part the worst part is when I called S-7 “the janitor” which really demotivated me but I just pushed over it and again I went to summer camp but this time I could only go to one because JCLC collided with the date of COLP and in my opinion COLP is the better camp if you want to learn how to be an officer and I was placed in a position of “Senior Ops” so I was assigning the duties of the day to the other operation officers

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