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Well, it was something I always wanted to do from the time I was a child. But when I was in grade twelve deciding whether I was going to go to the university for drama, then 9/11 happened. That made me kinda put the brakes on. I wanted to do something that could affect people more--something that was more helpful. So instead of applying to drama school, I went to be a police officer instead. I did the training for two years, then the program, and I did about two hundred hours of ridealongs, and that's when I realized I wore my heart on my sleeve a little bit too much to be an officer, and so I decided to go to law school instead. When I was applying to law school, I thought, "I need to travel to see the world before I hit this path." So I …show more content…

I honestly never would have thought of you being a police officer.

I know. I'm very different than the characters I portray. I grew up in a small town, and I grew up kind of like a tomboy with a lot of fishing and camping and sports.

There was a fan question that came in. They wanted to know if Lucille Ball is an inspiration to you, and I wasn't sure why they asked.

I think it's because I have a Lucille Ball picture on my twitter as my background. And yes, Lucille Ball is definitely an inspiration to me. When I was growing up, my mom was a big fan of hers, so I grew up watching I Love Lucy with my mom. And it was this fiery redhead that made it kind of okay to be a klutz. And I'm very klutzy. {laughs} And she was a klutz, and Ricky still loved her for it. So it's kind of the kindred spirit connection from one klutz to another which is why I have the picture of Lucy in the chocolate factory. That would have been me.

Well, I admit I didn't even notice your background. But you have fans that pay attention.

Yes, that's fantastic--pun intended. {laughs}

Another fan asked, "What has been your favorite role so …show more content…

And my scene was with him and Jared {Padalecki}. It's the first time I worked with an actor/director. That was really cool to see that and to see someone jump in between the roles as director and actor and how that worked. And they're amazing. The first day's scenes Jensen wasn't in, so I just met him as director, and the next day I was working with him in the scene as well. The thing with Supernatural is it's been on for so long that they're such a well-oiled machine. They are a family completely, and they're still warm and welcoming. They make every new actor feel super comfortable. Everybody knows what they're doing very, very well. No one's finding their feet . Every time you step into movies of the week, the crew's just coming together. The actors are just coming together. It's always new people, and it's kind of like going through this marathon together. But with Supernatural, they know exactly what they're doing. I remember that I was worried about the fact that I had a couple of lines in Latin. So I'm going over the Latin, and they're already working on their lines for the next scenes. They're just so good at their jobs and their

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