Anne Frank The Most Suspenseful Story Analysis

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The Most Suspenseful Story Award 2016

There were many tough contenders for this years "Most Suspenseful Story Award," but I have crowned Anne Frank 's

"Fear" at the number one spot. The reasons? She uses the elements of foreshadowing, setting & mood, conflict, and

writing style. This is a remarkable example of, (obviously,) fear and heart wrenching literature.

First off, Anne used the element of foreshadowing in such a way that it made it impossible to stop reading. Not only

on one occasion either. At the very beginning of the story, she wrote "It was a terrible time through which I was living" as

her opening statement. This grabs your attention and makes you want to read more, and also adds a level of suspense

because it goes …show more content…

Another example was when she said "I didn 't think of my

parents or of my brothers and sisters. I had thoughts only for myself and knew that I must rush, rush, rush!" This proves

how afraid she was at that time that she wasn 't thinking straight and when all the problems started happening it drove

her to think only of herself and her own safety because she knew she was in such danger. This is a second reason as

to why "Fear" has been crowned The Most Suspenseful Story winner.

To continue, she used the element of setting and mood beautifully in this story. She used it in such a way where

it grabbed your attention and almost made you feel as if you were in the same situation as she was. At points in the story

the mood and the setting both change and a sense of calm comes upon her. At first, she is scared, almost too scared

to function as she should, and the city in which she was living was war torn and echoed with the sounds of cannons and

gun fire. Then, when she ran out of the town into the meadow, she comes upon the comfort she needed as the gunfire

and cannons ceased. She perfectly describes how the setting can change immediately in a story as the …show more content…

This adds to the mood because it perfectly describes how she felt and how

the atmosphere was around her. To prove this further, I quote "I cannot describe it; I don 't remember much of that tumult

quite clearly, but I do know that all day long I was in the grip of fear." This shows how truly devastating the times were

and shows from a personal point of view the mood and the conditions she had to overcome in real life. As shown, these

reasons are proof enough that this story is The Most Suspenseful Story.

Lastly, Anne uses writing style to her advantage as well. A literary device that is very obvious and clear in this

story is the use of imagery. As she goes on with the story, she explains in such detail every single event. There are many

occasions where this is proven, but to quote the story… "I looked around and, as if I was waking up from a nightmare,

I saw that there was nothing or no one behind me. No fire, no bombs, no people. I looked a little more closely and found

that I stood in a meadow." This snippet puts a clear image in your head of a young girl, standing in a meadow on the

outskirts of a war torn town, looking out at the horizon, finding a sense of peace and calm within

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