Cal Hampton Monologue

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raHe searched everywhere for those shoes, those perfect tan ones with that fabric flower that fit him just right. The closet, underneath his bed, in the pile of clean clothes he meant to fold a week ago. They were nowhere to be found, completely gone from the face of the Earth, leaving Cal Hampton barefooted and discouraged. It was only eight in the morning and his room was more of a mess than it usually was, plus, worst of all, he didn 't have a single pair of shoes that matched the floral skirt settled upon his waist. He bought it just for that damn pair, those adorable, dainty tan shoes, and now, the thing was useless. Grunting, the boy thrust the fabric past his knees. His blouse followed soon after, landing in the disheveled grasp of his…show more content…
God forbid I wanted to look fucking cute today! No, Cal, apparently that 's against the fucking law! Can 't do that! He fell onto all fours, his angry words bubbling up into a series of vicious growls. The shifter looked and sounded menacing, but anyone who knew him understood he was probably ranting about the latest celebrity breakup or the fact they were out of the "boyfriend stealer" shade of lipstick on his favorite website, or even, how he couldn 't find the exact shoes he needed for an outfit. Resident Cal Hampton 's real problems were few and far between, but no one was willing to say to his face that his lack of boyfriend stealer wasn 't a "real" problem. So, he seethed, sprinting through the woods and practically foaming at the mouth. Granted, it was worse as of late. Every little thing chased him off into the trees to burn the excess steam that seemed to be constantly building inside him. He was frustrated. There was something wrong and he couldn 't place what exactly it was, which made matters far worse. Cal was trapped in a cycle of anger and testosterone and steam, around and around he spun. The white wolf

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