James Edwards Monologue

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The room is spinning. It’s hard to get a good look and what or even where the scene is taking place. Finally, the revolution ends on a face. Not a remarkable face. Just an average looking guy in his early twenties with a short brown fair and sad eyes. When the average guy speaks, a moderate Southern drawl tinges his voice. Average Guy: I guess most of y’all don’t know who I am, which is actually the way I kinda’ prefer to come into a company. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my past or anything, I just like to walk into a place with a blank slate. Ain’t that what’s supposed to make this country great? Hell, this is fuckin’ election season I’m sure y’all don’t need to hear anymore about the American Dream, so let me introduce myself, I’m James Edwards. …show more content…

James Edwards: Speakin’ of election season, I swear it is a permanent thing in professional wrestling. All I hear is people talkin’ about what they’ve accomplished in the past, what they are gonna’ accomplish in the future or much the other side is a rancid sack of raccoon shit. That ain’t my style. Never has been and never will be. I’m a pretty straight forward guy that loves what he does for a living, and that’s why I’m here. Edwards holds up a stack of papers momentarily before setting them back

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