Rebirth Of An American Solider Analysis

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The fiction story that I wrote about was titled, “The Rebirth of an American Solider. The basis of this story was about a solider and how he was able to transition from his secondary position with the Army, right into being a well awarded sniper. The idea that I used for this story was two folded, first off at the University of Akron where I attended classes before transferring to Cuyahoga Community College. I was enrolled in a pair of composition classes that were military based. What that means, everyone including the professor that was in that class either served in the military or had immediate family that served. Since I served in the United States Navy I qualified for the class. The majority of the class were veterans that served …show more content…

I was very excitable, but yet when it was time to get serious, I got down and dirty. When I was asked to do a job no matter how menial the job was, you could count on me for getting it done. I also got along extremely well with residents of the area. I hoped that I reflected those exact standards about Dwayne as well. Dwayne was a character that I developed that learned how to shoot guns back on his family plantation at Evergreen, Alabama. He had become so good at shooting things at extreme distances. The Army had no choice but to give him an extremely specialized position of being a sniper. The character was living his two major passions, one he loved to shoot a rifle, and second he was playing baseball. He just couldn’t get over the fact that he was having fun, and getting paid for it. I designed him to almost have a dual personality happy go lucky then, when he receives the orders; he knew what the job was. The best example of that was when he was helicoptered off of the baseball diamond. He received his orders from the co-pilot. You could just about tell that Dwayne’s true personality surfaced and it was time for him to go to

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