Wolf Pac Application Essay Examples

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Being a young man in a poor area of Dallas, Texas I use to get in trouble with my friends, just for fun and not care for others. My circle would vandalize poverty, cause terror, and be involved in gangs. All that change once certain friends took the addiction and violence too far. High school graduation was looming, so I took a different route. I could not see myself hurting my own kind. I felt, I needed to help and inspire my community to stand up against injustice, but I needed to redefined myself through the military and college. The military helped me established a foundation of ownership, which lead me in enrolling in my local community college where I was enlighten about activism and entered numerous organizations to be involved in service. …show more content…

Wolf PAC has enlightened me about the domino effect that corporations funding candidates has in our society. Wolf PAC became a personal challenge because I was afraid of failing. However, I gained the confidence to spread recognition of the problem. At first, I only donate money, but after watching videos of people my age making changes in New Jersey, it made me believe in myself. Following this further, I started to bring awareness to my close friends and classmates in college. I met other volunteers through virtual meetups. I spoke with my neighbors, explaining the mission to people, and signing up new volunteers. I called my state legislators, explained what Wolf PAC is, and set up serious of meetings. This was the first time I was active in politics and had the attention of my representatives. Finally, as an extension of my actions, I decided to incorporate Wolf PAC into my school organization. Being a Phi Theta Kappa officer, I suggested basing our project on the presidential election. This election cycle raised over one billion dollars in campaign finances. We concluded that legal bribes influence our candidates more than the voices of the voters. Their messages and their behaviors would be different if corporations and the “one percent” were not able to make these legal

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