Joining The Military

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War between your body and Your Country
Walter Reuther is quoted as saying, “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.” Joining the military is a significant event of my life. The military has an effect on daily lives, from your personal to professional level. The military is all about following orders. That is the first and foremost job as a soldier. In the military mission always comes first, before any personal or professional beliefs. Obedience is what enables the military to operate in an organized and effective manner which is clearly very important during
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When I was staying with my parents, I had my own room. However, in training I lived in a military housing with fifty females, in one big room. Some of the females did not practice hygiene, had terrible attitudes. Adapting to change enabled me to learn people skills. Military was the first time I had to tolerate people I did not like, and it was horrible. When I got stationed to South Korea, adapting to more changes became a requirement. I was really getting out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t just the new people it was a new continent, new culture, new language. However, as the days went by it was easy adapting to the changes that came my…show more content…
The way military broke me down was it fractured my leg, because of the consistent up-hill and down-hill running. I went to physical therapy, and after multiple sessions, my leg started healing. After that the military started to build me back-up stronger. I became a fast runner, gained muscle and stamina. I became really fit and toned. We run every day early in the morning and worked on strength training. Our drill sergeants trained us with rifles, grenades and cannons. During my training we had two big marches, the six and 12-mile march. The six-mile march was harder because it was full of up-hills and down-hills. we had to carry forty pounds of rack sack. My training also taught me discipline and team building exercise. Those training exercises were the most fun I had, we had extreme training obstacles, like jumping over walls, crawling in mud, rappelling from a fifty-foot wall, and participating in live fire training. Live fire training is where a person has crawl with a rifle and get to the destination they need without being shot. In order to carry a rifle for a long time, you have to have upper body strength. In which you disassemble, assemble, clean, and reassemble the rifle. The four fundamentals of shooting are Learning to aim, trigger squeeze, steady position, breathing control. It’s not about shooting, it’s about style. it takes discipline it’s a true form of art. In the field, we trained in
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