Military Experience In The Army

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War between your body and Your Country
Walter Reuther is quoted as saying, “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.” Joining the military is a significant event of my life. The military has an effect on daily lives, from your personal to professional level. The military is all about following orders. That is the first and foremost job as a soldier. In the military mission always comes first, before any personal or professional beliefs. Obedience is what enables the military to operate in an organized and effective manner which is clearly very important during challenging military situations. Through my experience in the military I learned to become persistent and determined. The purpose of military training is to break you down and then build you back up stronger. My experience in the military has made me mentally, and physically strong.
One of the suits of being mentally strong, is having coping mechanisms. Coping mechanisms were my biggest weapon during my service to my country. Finding comfort in discomfort made life easier for me in the military. Getting yelled at is a norm, and it used to bother me a lot. However, I started to find humor in it. My peers and I made jokes about how our instructors yelled, walked, and look. My peers and I would act out, how our instructors were during the

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