Unmaking War Remaking Men Summary

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Unmaking War, Remaking Men by Kathleen Barry
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Kathleen Barry is a feminist activist and a sociologist. Her first book launched an international movement against human trafficking. In this book namely Unmaking War Remaking Men; she has examined the experiences of the soldiers during their training and combat as well as that of their victims using the concept of empathy. She explains how the lives of these men are made expendable for combat. She also reveals about the various aspects of military training which drives these soldiers into the state of war. These soldiers are trained to kill without even thinking once, due to which they themselves suffer from both trauma and loss of their own souls. She has also focussed on the psychology of these soldiers as well as that of the leaders who promote this kind of behaviour.
The author has covered a wide range of topics like: masculinity, militarism and nationalism. She has particularly focussed on militarism and has also covered areas like empathy, core masculinity and the ways of remaking men in entirety. The central part of the book is empathy and the negative effects of a lack of empathy in a society. The book also explores how militarism interconnects with masculinity in various social contexts. Kathleen Barry has also explored post 9-11 society. This book provides a unique intersection of ethics, gender studies, politics and sociology. Each chapter covers a different side of
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