Military Draft Benefits

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Throughout history, countries are inevitably pulled into conflicts that result in war. These conflicts usually occur because of interests in: economic gain, territorial gain, religion, and nationalism. America, like every country, needs a military to defend itself, especially when tensions arise in other parts of the world and when militia numbers start to decrease. This then allows the government to draft its population to serve in the military. People argue that young men and women’s bright lives are often cut short, and not allowed their Constitutional right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, but there are many benefits for the nation and the individual by serving one’s country. Due to the current state of the military and …show more content…

“The end of the draft also has dramatically improved commitment and morale in the armed forces. The difference is simple: recruits who want to serve and succeed are likely to perform better than draftees who want out, the sooner the better.” (Bandow). Individuals who voluntarily serve have officially occupied themselves with the thought of being able to step up to plate and defend their country are rationally the right people to serve in war. So when a person who does not have the courage or desire to serve is drafted they just become a danger to the rest of the group. Their dread, and absence of being locked in will just make them simple prey and destroy forces one by one. When the draft initially started families were devastated to find out that their loved ones had to go away and fight in the war and doing so it tore relationships up and break the mentality of young adults. This created a inept amount of tension within the country and the public was not prepared for this moment and became a danger to the rest of the group they may have served. Ultimately, getting rid of the draft put civilians in ease knowing that they don't have to go off to war without being

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