Should Military Draft Be Reinstated Essay

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Should the Draft Be Reinstated?
(Consequences of the United States Military Draft) The United States issued a military draft in 1940 in order to fill the spots of the armed forces that were not being filled voluntarily. It was a safety net in order for America to know that we would have back up if anything were to happen in the world. It also gave more responsibility to the citizens of the United States. We live in a free country and in turn what are we doing for our people? The military draft was a solution to the growing laziness and unwillingness to help in the United States. Although the draft could be reinstated in a different manner, it would be very beneficial for the United States to reinstate the draft in order to have a plan if anything war related were to come up. Overall, having the draft reinstated would prove a great idea for the United States. If the military draft was reinstated in the United States, it would give more responsibility to the citizens of this country. Americans have proven to very lazy, especially in recent years. Nobody is willing to do their part, even having been given complete freedom in their lives. Although we as citizens pay our taxes, there are so many other things that can be done in order to pay back our country for the right to be …show more content…

Instilling responsibility, pride, and love for the country are just a few of the pros of reinstating this draft. Also, repaying the debts that others and their families have gone through in order for the country to be in the state it is today. There are so many benefits that it is easy to look over any hiccups that may happen along the way. Even if we did reinstate the draft, there could be different aspects to it that fit today’s standards and what goes on in this country and the world in modern days, in comparison to the first drafts. Overall, reinstating the draft is a great idea for the United

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