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While General Washington gets support from congress, the army needs it. Many soldiers lye sick and die, others have their dead or infected limbs severed. This is Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778. Valley Forge was 18 miles out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some soldiers are overconfident in the war and some are underconfident. My service time is almost over. I have concerns about my family especially my aging mother. Will you re-enlist for the army. I will re-enlist facing these facts, the army is running low on soldiers, Americans should have freedom from Britain, and the army is receiving support from congress. The army needs men for many are not re-enlisting because they think they will die. Some are running away from camp. Others lay ill, dying slowly. This is an unselectable and a terrible fate. The troops are missing extremities. They were detached, cut off with a saw, because their limbs were infected or even dead from the cool and lethal air which …show more content…

It getting supplies, needs troops, and America must be free! All Americans should contribute what they can to the Continental Army. Freedom won’t buy itself. Even some wives help do laundry and cook, they apparently don’t wish to be separated from their beloved husbands. The question of re-enlisting is and will no longer a question but a life choice that will stay with you forever. Your choices are to serve your country and win your independence or cower, lose, and have no freedom with more political power. Now I could see how people would want to leave the army. The living conditions are terrible: little food, poorly clothed, and illness & death. I can say for certain that I have that wish to leave the army, but my willpower is strong. Little food only lasts through the winter. Having quite tattered clothes can be dealt with, once Washington gets our supplies were home free. Illness and death is that one risk, but it is a risk I will take for my

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