Benefits Of Conscription Essay

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Conscription, also known as drafting, is a law that the government made for people to go to war. This law stated that anyone who was old enough and was able to fight in the war had to go, whether they wanted to go or not. People thought conscription was very beneficial, I on the other hand disagree. Personally, I do not think conscription is a good idea. It is unfair to force people to go to war, by forcing men to enlist in the army, the army force will not be as strong as it could be, and if conscription occurs, there’s an emotional toll to fighting. These few factors play a huge role in why I disagree with conscription. When the idea of conscription was passed and men were forced to fight in the war this took away the freedom of many. Conscription applied to men who were 18 years of age up to men who were 40 years of age. At the age of 18 most people are just getting out of high school, imagine coming home one day after school and having your mother and or father saying, you can not go to college or university because the government made a law saying, you have no choice but to enlist in the army. Not only is the law of conscription choosing the life path of people it is also giving people a smaller chance…show more content…
Although the government saw conscription as a win the soldiers who died did not, the families that the soldiers belong to did not, and the men who were forced to give up everything did not see this law necessary or as a win. I would love to say I agree with Robert Borden but I think he made a very ludicrous idea about conscription. I do not see how the forcing men to fight in war is right, I do not see how conscription betters or strengthens the army force, and I do not see how it is fair putting men through emotional tolls is right. This law was not necessary and was clearly not thought out, therefore I disagree that conscription is
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