Zombie Apocalypse Rhetorical Analysis

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Critical Thinking: 1) Is there a clear position/thesis statement? - Yes a. What is it? “Zombies are a reflection of their own narcissistic personality with poor education and lack of awareness of their own society/culture” b. How does it address the question asked. The author has sharply criticized the existence of the modern narcissistic personality and has repeatedly focused on their incapability to accept the reality and keep aside their big egos. According to the author zombies are ‘insatiably destructive consumers’ who are not being able to have what they want and their egos make them curse the American capitalist economy. They tend to make their issue so big a deal that they avoid the issues that are really destroying American …show more content…

The article fails to show the other side of the story; the story of of the Zombies. Why the young generation has taken up such step, what goes on their minds and what do they expect? These questions need to be answered and so can an unbiased opinion be generated. Moreover, there is not enough text that is put forward in the article. No empirical evidence, no factual figures, no research work or psychological study has been done on the zombies. The article fails to decide the minimum education level they are talking about. a. If not, how could it be made clearer?- it can be made clearer with a Research over the increasing population of zombies, the difficulties they face and the economic situation of America, the way society treat the modern generation and study of the employment and income levels. The kind of movies impact their lives may also be included. A physiological study needs to be conducted. Evidence need to be put up by the author to prove his/her claim from his end as well. 4) Is support based on analysis of the readings? a. Does the evidence used from the reading set support the position?. NO b. Is it clear how quotes/paraphrases are being used? …show more content…

How do the connections support the position? No, they have just put up their opinion c. Can further connections be made? Yes. d. Are all required readings being used? What could be further utilized in support of the position? No. Further detailed analysis of the reading should have been done to come down a particular conclusion. The draft fails to put up a cause and effect relationship. In General: 6) What does this draft do well? It well defines the outlook of the society towards the zombies. It rebukes the concept of modern selfish generation who cares about nothing but them. It well safeguards the position of the capitalist American society and the American civilization and further points out on them to be unable to be educated and be aware of their own society. 7) What could be improved on? By bringing the other side of the coin into the picture the draft can be improved and a conclusion can be drawn, Also, putting up empirical evidence and research work can strengthen the claim in the draft. 8) How? (Be as concrete and detailed as possible)  Research work must be taken on this issue and check o Increase in the population of zombies in the past decade o Age group that is affected the

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