Vietnam War Rough Draft

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From what each main idea was, Source 1 and 2 seem like good compare and contrast. Source 1 talks about bring back the draft while Source 2 explains why the Draft was unpopular and not needed anymore. For example, “ The draft forces people from different backgrounds to work together and depend upon one another. These could be socio-economic divides, but can just as easily and likely be racial ones” (Source 1). In War soldiers are forced to work together and most of the time they don’t really care if you’re black, white, Irish, or whatever, as long as they can follow orders and shoot, than they were alright. In the other article, “The polling is most favorable among former and active service members, and even then only as high as 49 percent in favor and 51 percent opposed” (Source 2). …show more content…

All in all, Source 1 and 2 both have a different stance on how the Draft should or shouldn’t be available. While both do give their beneficial ideals, Source 2 was more logical with its stand than Source 1s idea of unity and income. However, both sources use the reason that Draft shouldn’t be passed from World war and Vietnam. For example, “ Vietnam was a war of attrition without a clear victory condition or civilian peace-building component, and thus unlike our more recent conflicts” (Source 1). Also , “First of all, World War II and the Vietnam conflict, both of which were very costly in terms of human life for numerous reasons, were also both wars of conscription, as was the Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in American history in terms of American lives lost” (Source 2). Both sources say that these wars were bad but in Source 1 they say that the wars made the draft look bad while Source 2 wrote that the war did made the draft

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